BCOME, residences where
people make
the experience

If you want to become the best version of yourself, it’s best to do it in good company. And at BCOME, when it comes to being by your side, we’re like a real family. In fact, you won't need to spend long with us for us to make you feel right at home. Ah, and don't forget that we call ourselves Bcomers.

Now, do you want to find out how our community works?


The people

At BCOME, no two people are the same. And that’s what makes our community flourish. In fact, we’re like a big family where you’ll meet peers with different passions, as well as a team that’s always ready to help you with anything you need.


The space

Your needs change. Our spaces do too. They are made up of modular elements so you can adapt them to what you want to do at all times. You’ll also have access to areas for studying, rehearsing or cooking with other Bcomers.


The experience

BCOME is designed so that you constantly have memorable experiences as part of our community. That's why we create events such as sports tournaments, cinema evenings, entrepreneurial talks and social responsibility activities, so you can collaborate with other communities.