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We believe that our spaces should be at the service of the people who use them.

That means you. We want to help you to become the best you can be, and we are convinced that the best way to achieve that is in the company of other Bcomers.

That’s why you’ll share a space designed to feed your curiosity, develop your skills, find your life’s passion… and even develop and launch it, if you already know what it is. That’s right –launch it. Because we’ll be by your side beyond your time at the residence, helping you with your personal and professional development.
Now, let us explain all that in detail…


We are a community of young people with a tremendous desire to take on the world. We want you to make the most of these years, and that’s why we’ve created a healthy, safe and collaborative environment. A cosy, comfortable space that will make you feel right at home. And best of all, no matter what you need, you’ll always have the whole Bcomer community ready to help you.


Being at university means being here, there and everywhere all day long. So, if you’re into sports, art, culture, entrepreneurship, or all of the above, BCOME is without doubt the perfect place for you. Here we have loads of spaces and experiences so that you’re able to share your talent and energy with other Bcomers.


Your education doesn’t begin and end at university, nor is it limited to academics. That’s why at BCOME you have spaces and services designed so that you can make the most of your studies and, at the same time, learn to live independently.
Cooking, feeding yourself well, creating your space and keeping it in order –these are all things you’ll learn here. You’ll also have access to libraries, working rooms, workshops, conferences, coaching, mentoring… all of which can be enjoyed alongside your community.