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What degree should I study? 5 important tips for 2021
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What degree should I study? 5 important tips for 2021

Deciding on what degree you should study is probably the most important decision you will ever make. We leave you 5 key tips so you don’t go crazy while choosing your career. 

1 – Take a vocational test 

Studying what you like is the first thing you should consider when considering what degree you should study.  Surely your high school has been guiding you some way, but if you want to deepen your psyche a little more, you can do many tests online or ask for help to a professional who will be able to answer your questions. Make a list of your skills, abilities and activities that you are passionate about and correlate it with the fields of work that best fit your profile. Self-discovery is the first step! 

2 – Evaluate the career prognostics 

Apart from being interested in it, it’s important that your university career guarantees you a professional future. Obviously, you should not choose a degree just for the “opportunities” but it’s important to consider them. Check out recent studies on market trends and employment and confirm that it’s a career that’s not becoming obsolete. 

3 – Visit universities 

Take advantage of the “open days”, review the educational offer and talk with professors from these universities. Sensing the university ambience from a close perspective is one of the best ways to manage expectations and discover what careers may interest you. 

4 – Talk to people in the sector that interests you 

Maybe you have a friend two years older than you at the university who can give you tips about university life. Surely you have never thought about it, but you may have relatives in interesting professions or areas. Exchange points of view and, above all, listen to the experience of others. The final decision is yours but having insights from different people can be a great help when choosing which college degree to study. 

5 – Try to picture yourself in the near future 

Imagine how day to day practising would be. It can be complicated, but look at it as a game, close your eyes and visualise yourself in that place, be it a law firm, a hospital, a school or a company department. How does it feel? Does it excite you or … not that much? Maybe you love children but you don’t see yourself as a teacher in a classroom, or you may be passionate about cooking, but you wouldn’t like to be in a kitchen every day. 


We know that deepening into our interests, passions, hobbies and skills is a long process, so take your time. Distinguishing between what can be hobbies and what you want to do the rest of your life is not always easy. Reflect on these steps and we are sure that choosing your degree will be a great success. Don’t rush, be chill 😊 


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