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The 5 best tablets for students
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The 5 best tablets for students

Coronavirus has turned the economy upside down, we already know that. However, not all sectors have been affected in the same way. While some businesses struggle to survive with offering crazy sales, others have benefited from the pandemic.

If you are thinking of buying a tablet for this new academic year, you are one of those who are contributing to scenario number two and to the demanding of this gadget. The sale of tablets has been in decline for years, according to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), this trend reversal is due to the fact that, with the restrictions caused by COVID-19, people are looking at tablets, once again, as an alternative form of entertainment, working and studying from home without covering the cost of a computer.

What type of tablet should I buy?

Obviously, buying a tablet does not mean that its only purpose is studying. The perfect panorama would be to find the tablet model that gives you the best of both worlds: allowing you both to study and do university work, as well as surfing the web or watching TV series in your moments of rest. However, there are some tablets that are more attractive to students given their characteristics and functionalities (and cheaper than a computer of course!). Read on to find out which tablet fits you better.

Which tablet is better for studying?

At BCOME, we make it easy for you and after some market research we have created a list of some of the best tablets for students. Models whose software, memory and CPU will allow you to do research on the web, access file clouds and share documents with your colleagues, with fast and easy navigation. At the same time, technical characteristics such as screen size and image quality ensure high definition in video calls, watching series, playing video games and reading digital books. Some tablets even allow you to write with keyboards added as an accessory, like the iPad 8 and JUSYEA, which can be very useful when writing your university papers.

1 – Dragon Touch Max10

From our perspective, it’s one of the tablets with one of the best values for money on the market, especially if you find it on sale. It has an Android OS that allows full access to Google tools, essential for academic work and sharing files. The advantatge is that it is also designed for a good entertainment experience so you can make video calls with the family and watch your TV series in high definition. This model also has an 8Mpx rear camera.

Screen: 10.1 ”

Storage: 32G

Price: € 150 reduced on Amazon


2 – SPC Gravity Octacore

A Spanish brand tablet that is also presented as simple but is actually very complete (and equally attractive value for money!). It is also designed so that it can be adapted to student’s needs. It comes free of apps or useless tools (which can often slow down the system) apart from the standard Google tools that are relevant when organizing studies: Google Keep, Files, Digital Wellbeing, are some examples. It also has a 5Mpx rear camera.

Screen: 10.1 ”

Storage: 32GB and 64G

Price: € 159.90 on the brand’s website


3 – JUSYEA 10”

If you value design when buying gadgets, this is your model. It comes in a very fashionable bright red colour and its 10-inch screen is ideal for watching TV series, since the battery lasts up to 8 hours of video play. The rear camera is 8Mpx. In addition, this tablet includes all these accessories: wireless mouse, bluetooth keyboard, screen pen, cleaning cloth and protective case. A very complete pack especially for students.

Screen: 10.1 ”

Storage: 64G

Price: € 139 on Amazon


4 – Nuevo iPad 8 de Apple

If you are faithful to the Apple seal, you should know that this model is focused especially on students. Simple, handy, iPad 8 serves basic needs with good features: surfing the web, playing mobile video games, taking photos, writing with the Apple Pencil, using the Smart Keyboard and reading digital books. 8Mpx rear camera.

Screen: 10.2 ”

Storage: 32GB or 128G

Price: € 379 PC Components

5 – Microsoft Surface Go 2

If what you are looking for is basically a tablet that works like a mini computer, the Surface Go 2 may be the best choice. A laptop feature and a good response to the demands, requires a hardware that shoots up the cost, compared to previous models. But it doesn’t disappoint if you like working in a Windows environment. The high-quality screen and its lightness are the icing on the cake.
8Mpx camera like most tablets.

Screen: 10.5”

Storage: 64G o 128G

Price: 449,99€ PC Componentes

If you have any queries, no matter how big or small, we’re here to help you.

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