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Student Life, the BCOME activitiy program that you don’t want to miss
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Student Life, the BCOME activitiy program that you don’t want to miss

Cooking classes, personal and professional development workshops, dance classes, raffles, snacks with a lot of tapas and walks around the city… Sounds good, right? Well, it actually sounds great! You will find this and much more in BCOME. Stay tuned!

What is the BCOME Student Life program?

People say that a space makes sense when stories happen in it. In BCOME, we believe that a residence is more than just a place to sleep and that’s why we want you to feel part of the community. For this reason, we have created a super program of activities that turns your residence into a unique and authentic place, with experiences to be lived and shared with other bcomers. Let’s create memories for a lifetime!

BCOME Student Life is an activity program that all bcomers have access to. The annual calendar is organized into 6 thematic axes and is sent to residents so that they can consult the activities of each month.

What activities can I find in BCOME?

In the BCOME Student Life activity program you can find everything from contests, raffles, workshops and trips. We know that your curious minds don’t stop and, therefore, they need stimulation as well as fun and relaxing activities.

Entrepreneurship: talks with entrepreneurship experts and contests that will test your ability to improve the life of the residence and your environment.

Learning: self-knowledge workshops, leadership, events with artists that will turn the residence into a true incubator for new ideas and talents. Your residence will be your inspiration and a true incubator for new ideas and talents!

Social Events: cooking competitions and challenges, parties with DJs, tasting events where you will be able to cook dishes from your country / city to other bcomers, events with influencers, workshops with professional Chefs, possibility of city-break style getaways to another city.

Arts & Culture: book crossing, possibility of travel to another city for a cultural trip, drama workshops, painting contests, photography classes walking around the city, talks with art experts, etc.

Wellbeing: workshops that will teach you to manage anxiety, dance, yoga and fitness classes and much more… Because every powerful body needs a balanced mind!

Volunteering: volunteering actions in collaboration with local and regional entities, workshops for development, skilling and training related to volunteering, talks with experts in volunteer programs on topics such as summer solidarity trips, cleaning of natural spaces, blood donation, etc.

Are you ready for the best years of your life?

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