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TV series you can’t miss if you need help choosing a college career (and enjoy it!)
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TV series you can’t miss if you need help choosing a college career (and enjoy it!)

Choosing a college degree can be a puzzle. The election of studying what you like or what is most in demand, the best paid jobs, a profession of the future, listening to the advice of teachers, parents, and uncles… may drive you crazy! But in BCOME we are going to help you in the funniest way! 

There are things in life that need a little inspiration, creativity, or even a little push. Surely choosing a university career is one of them. It is actually one of the most important decisions you will makeWhat you are going to study at university will determine the next 4 years of your life and the job that you will have ahead as a professional. It is very important to be guided by the psychologist or tutor of your high school, accompanied by vocational aptitude tests and also listening to the experience of professionals you may knowas well as the advice of your family members. Howeverwhen choosing a university career, a little culture may enlighten your mindlike some books and moviesWho said Netflix is only useful to clear the head with trivia? 

Despite that, we must bear in mind that it does not go beyond an approximate representation of real life, depending on the series/film. However, they can help you have a good time as you reflect on the many college major options that exist, on careers, whether they are the “classic ones” such as lawyer, police and doctor, or jobs of the future and more recent occupations, like programmer. 

In the case you have already chosen your career and you’re at that point where you feel kind of lost or exhausteddon’t worry. It is normal that after the initial excitement of starting university you have doubts and feel some pressure. Although these professions are not like in real life, the following series will surely remind you why you have chosen that path and will give you back the desire to move forward with great enthusiasm! 



Profession / Univeristy degree: Forensic Medicine, Psychology and related areas such as Forensic Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. 

To keep in mind: A good professional in criminology and psychology can decipher the most complex and obscure human minds. The story is based on the memoirs of two North American FBI inspectors, Bill Tench and Robert K. Ressler. 

Clichés: The typical protagonist is a half-crazy depressed inspector whose life is upside down. 


Profession / University Career: Law. 

To keep in mind: Knowing the laws, having a good memory, a lot of passion and dedication for what you do is the most important thing to be a successful professional. 

Clichés: All lawyers consider means over ends.   


Emily in Paris  

Profession / University Career: Marketing and Advertising 

To keep in mind: The importance of Social Media Networks for brands and the strategy to achieve the objectives. Pleasing clients in an agency takes a lot of creativity and persuasion. Sometimes the best ideas are drawn from around us by looking at the world from a different perspective. 

Clichés: All the marketing coworkers in agencies are superficial consumers and go to the office as if they were going to a fashion show every day. The most stereotypical Paris ever with French people having wine for breakfast. 

Silicon Valley 

To keep in mind: The professions known as the future (in this case, programming) have their advantages, such as good vibes among co-workers, and their disadvantages, such as the suspicious practices of big companies and technological oligarchs. An interesting way to learn about the world of technology, entrepreneurship, business operations and the importance of teamwork. 

Clichés: All the cliches that you can imagine related to boys (exactly… all boys and no female references in STEM or in management positions) that result to be programmers in a start-up in Palo Alto: happy between algorithms, computer screens and junk food, but a disaster in real life. 

Mad Men 

Profession / University Career: Marketing and Advertising 

To keep in mind: it is perhaps the most mentioned series in the world of Advertising. We move to the 60s, so a current view of the job market is impossible. In any case, it is essential to know the history of this sector, how it has evolved and how advertisers analyze the consumer and predicts its behavior to increase sales.   

Clichés: Working in a big agency is (again) glamorous and there are sexy secretaries everywhere. 



Profession / University Career: Music / Record Industry 

To keep in mind: How a record company works, the evolution of the sector and how the release of hits and great artists is managed (or how they are discarded …) 

Clichés: The great tycoon and owner of the company has an ex-wife who tries to compete for the company and for the attention and loyalty of their children. 

The Resident  

Profession / University Career: Medicine. 

To keep in mind: Being a doctor is hard, especially when it comes to giving bad news to patients’ families and living with the harshness of the health system. The tension of a doctor is perceived on his first day of residence and the importance of the nursing staff 

Clichés: The love stories of night shifts with their roots in Grey’s Anatomy. 


The newsroom  

Profession / University Career: Journalism 

To keep in mind: The day-to-day writing of a newsletter. In addition, it addresses such important issues as journalistic ethics and lies and defamation. The influence of politics and the protection of journalists’ sources play an important role in a world where exclusives are worth (almost) everything. 

Clichés: All journalists are corrupted. 


What do you think of BCOME’s choice of the series that can help you choose a university degree? If you have seen any of these series or remember others that may be useful, leave us your suggestions in the comments! 


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