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Get to know BCOME Pamplona – the student residence that it’s not like a residence
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Get to know BCOME Pamplona – the student residence that it’s not like a residence

It has finally arrived. The student residence that doesn’t seem like it. Not that kind of residence where you have to use your mobile gigabytes to do your work. At BCOME Pamplona we have everything planned. What are you waiting for to switch residence? 

Every month managing your budget to buy food outside the residence, managing with the gigas of your mobile and creating hotspots to have internet on the laptop, sleeping with earplugs because the neighbor puts the washing machine at 2 in the morning … Forget all that, except if it suits you as a management internship. The years at the University have to be the best of your life and not a source of worry and stress. We know that you need a party when the time comes, but above all rest, you need tranquility, conditions to study, to have a good time and of course, good food! 

At BCOME Pamplona we have designed a student residence (that does not look like a residence!) With everything we know you will need as a university student.

Why choose BCOME Pamplona?

1 – One wi-fi, many meters of optical fiber  

“Hello de-ar.. How was yo-ur cla...? Hav you eaten -ell? ” Talking to your parents like that is not cool, right? When you live in another city or country, the connection with the rest of the world is essential. You need a high-speed wi-fi that allows you quality video calls, attend classes remotely if necessary, do your homework or relax at the end of the day in your room watching your series on Netflix. 

2 – A quality dining room, even your brain recognizes it 

Pasta and tuna or spaghetti with meatballs … canteens have changed a lot and are not like this anymore (or they should not be). Quality ingredients, fresh food, and alternative menus with vegan or gluten-free options, that is what you will find at the BCOME cafeteria. You decide what you eat and to eat only when you are hungry. No strict hours or canteen menus from the last century. 

3 – The neighbor’s washing machine is not your alarm clock 

At BCOME your room is your sanctuary. Therefore, you dance when the body asks you and you study silently when you need to. The bedrooms in BCOME Pamplona are soundproofed. If you want to see it, schedule a guided tour or watch the virtual tour on our website. 


4 – Let’s meet in 5 minutes? 

In the gym on the ground floor or outside on the chillout terrace, wherever your meeting point is, it is impossible to be late if you have everything in the residence (even your crew!) We have thought about all the facilities and services that you will need daily, without wasting time moving around. Because your time is precious and you spend it where you want, with whoever you want. 


Do not forget that living in a student residence is once in a lifetimeBook a tour and come to know BCOME Pamplona! We will give you a guided tour of a pilot room, communal kitchens, you will see the chillout terrace and communal areas such as the gym and study rooms. 

If you have any queries, no matter how big or small, we’re here to help you.

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