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Fitness Masterclass: shake it with BCOME and Klimb!
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Fitness Masterclass: shake it with BCOME and Klimb!

Get ready for an intense class of H.I.K.I. with Alberto Rey, founder of KLIMB and creator of this fitness method! Still don’t know what it is? Keep reading!


What are the Bcome and Klimb Masterclasses?


Throughout the 21/22 academic year as a bcomer, you will have access to fitness classes, dance, etc., every 15 days, without leaving the residence hall! Short, intense classes that will awaken all your senses and energy! But we are so eager to get started that we can’t wait for September. The first class will be this July 29 at 7:30 p.m ​​with a live broadcast from BCOME Pamplona,

through our Instagram of @bcomeresidencias. It will be a HIKI class!


19h30 @bcomeresidencias LIVE Broadcast

What is the H.I.K.I method?

It is a workout that alternates high and low intensity exercises that will activate your body and put your muscles to the test. We will finish with Stretch & Breathe. A complete 60 minute workout to get the most out of your body and mind.
It will be a session, led by Alberto Rey, creator and founder of Klimb, who has worked as a trainer and coach for more than twenty years. He is a reference in the field of health, sports and personal development. During his professional journey he has trained and helped athletes of all levels, public figures and advised companies.

Sports and wellness are part of BCOME

You already know that at BCOME we are advocates that well-being is a lifestyle and that it is not just about taking care of yourself from time to time. Nothing is further from reality. It is about knowing ourselves and feeling good about who we are and our habits. If you feel good, your academic performance will be much better!

For this reason, our BCOME Student Life activities program focuses both on personal development activities, such as talks and workshops, social and cultural activities, such as celebrations and small events, as well as well-being and sports. For this last aspect of the program we have the support of Klimb, who promises to activate the maximum potential of the bcomers in the next academic year.

If you have any queries, no matter how big or small, we’re here to help you.

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