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Why study in Pamplona? A unique experience.

The university community in Pamplona does not stop growing. What is it like to study in Pamplona? What does the city offer to live an academic experience? Read this article and find out why going to Pamplona can be one of the best stages of your life! 

© University of Navarra

The number of students in Pamplona keeps growing as many Spanish and international students see this city as an option to develop their future. In the University of Navarra, international students already represent 25% of the total academic community. You can now start to picture the​​ international environement that is sensed in the streets of this city. In fact, throughout this region (Navarra) there was an academic boom in terms of teaching, prestigious universities and job offers

If you haven't packed your bags yet, here are some reasons that will make you run to buy a trolley! Agur! (bye bye on basque language 😉)  

Universities in Pamplona are super 

Studying in Pamplona is, without a doubt, studying at a prestigious university. The CYD 2019 report positions the University of Navarra as a leader in teaching and learning, at the same level of the Community of Madrid. 

The Public University of Navarra (UPNA) has also been recognized and is ranked in the third position regarding teaching performance by the BBVA Foundation and it also integrates the Campus of International Excellence (CEI), distinguished by the Ministry of Education. This institution has an agreement with 14 universities in China. 

According to the same report from the CYD Foundation, the Community of Navarra has the best undergraduate performance rate, as well as the highest percentage of international students and undergraduate job placement students. 

© Public University of Navarra

University careers: Pamplona has a wide educational offer 

Whether or not you have chosen what you are going to study in Pamplona, you will find many options: faculties of medicine, nursing, education, law, human resources, economics, computer science, engineering. Are you confused? Take an online orientation test

In addition, in this city you will find different professional schools that make the city a reference in professional training in various sectors. 

© University of Navarra

Studying yes but having fun too! 

Pamplona has it all and boredom is not on the list. The student housing has its own program of activities: BCOME Student Life and the streets have plenty outdoor events, sports, leisure and cultural activities that have their peak with the mythical SanFermines annual summer festival. Given the size of the city, you can move fast from the student residence to the university and stop by the center at the end of the day to have a coffee with your new colleagues. Forget about the crowded subway and buses and the crazy traffic of the big cities, without losing the best that a city has to offer. Living independently and without stress is the best thing about studying in a city like Pamplona. At the same time, it is cheaper than living in big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but with its bustle, a lot of life, restaurants and stores to discover. 


#Foodporn, culture and medieval corners to enrich your Instagram 

We cannot finish without sweetening (or salting!) your mouth a little bit. Pamplona has one of the best gastronomies you can find. Hemingway fell in love with the city and you will understand it perfectly when you take a walk through the old town at end the day and stop by a “pintxos” bar. We can show you better... 

© Bar Kaixo

Be sure to visit Café Iruña, the historic Navarrese bar that was the favorite of the writer Hemingway, located in the heart of the city. And if you are a fan of his work, don't miss Hemingway's route in Pamplona with which you can follow his footsteps. 

© Diario de Navarra

We could write much more about what this town has to offer, but it is better if you experience it yourself! Studying in Pamplona is a wise choice to live the best years of your life and have a memorable university experience. 

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