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Living in a student residence is a safe option. We explain why!

Packing and going away to the city you choose to study has never been so special. The trip, the arrival in the city, the return to class, everything is even more particular this year and it is normal if you feel a little nervous. But if you are going to stay in a student residence, you should know that many contingency, prevention and safety measures have been taken to receive you. A plan that has been developed, studied and prepared during the months prior to your arrival so that you can be safe and stress-free. Get to know how we prepared to receive you in BCOME!

How the student residences are prepared to receive the residents 

This new reality implied an adaptation of all spaces, either work, social, leisure and cultural areas of cities, cinemas or restaurants and transports. Universities, schools and student accommodations are no exception. 

In BCOME, we have prepared a set of COVID-19 measures that you can consult in detail on our website. Our main priority is to guarantee the safety of the bcomer community and that you, as part of it, feel both safe and protected, joining the residence as you would in your own home. 

Likewise, the entire residence, including common areas and bedrooms, follow a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol. All staff  has received training on hygiene measures. In addition, there is hydroalcoholic gel available in all common areas. It must be used in your hands both at the entrance and  exit of the rooms. 

Can I use the common areas of the residence? 

All common areas are limited to the capacity that allows maintaining the safety distance. However, there are areas that are still closed as a precaution, such as the gym. 

Can I eat at the residence? 

Yes. Our dining room is adapted to current demands. A professional team will guarantee the service of breakfasts, lunches, dinners/brunch, following the hygiene and social distancing protocol to ensure a safe space.  

Besides, the common kitchens access is regulated in shifts to avoid crowds. All the utensils are for individual use and are stored in lockers that afterwards are disinfected by our staff.  

Can I go to the garden or rooftop? 

Of course. Although if you go with other residents, we recommend that you keep your facemask on and the safety distance all the time. The rooftop and the garden are, in fact, the privileged areas to carry out safe activities regarding the BCOME Student Life activities program. 

You already know our motto: if you have any questions, no matter how small, we will be here to help you! 

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